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Question: I am 37 years old i have one baby do i have chance to get pregnant

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Question: Hi, i have one kid 4.6 years old. Now i am planning to get second baby. My last periods march 12 th 2019. Please advise. I am 37 years old. If possible to get natural conceive.
Answer: Hi,yes it is possible to conceive naturally if your health condition is normal. You need to consult a gynecologist to get proper supplements before planning for a baby. As you know very well Folic acid plays an important role in pregnancy so you can start taking Folic acid supplements before getting pregnant . Your husband also can start taking zinc supplement as per age. But if you have issues like obesity,high BP, thyroid , diabetes ,then it will be a little difficult. Don't worry keep trying, it may take 5 to 6 months or years long to conceive.
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Question: I am trying to get pregnant. I am trying for about two to three months but I couldn't be able to conceive I am 37 years old and I have eight years old daughter I even had an abortion two years back.. so tell me what should I do to get pregnant.
Answer: Hi...first of all stay cool when trying to get pregnant...mental state of the mother is much more important...have balanced diet..maintain ideal weight..stay hydrated...start taking folic acid tablets..and foremost stay tension free...All the very best!!!
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Question: I have 3month old baby,,,is there any chance to get pregnant in one time sex???
Answer: Hi dear, If you have had unprotected sex anytime ,you would have the chance of getting matter when,there is no safe period post pregnancy.since your periods have not been would be risk.
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