35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 36 weeks pregnant. Imy legs are swelled suddenly from 2 days. Is this normal. How to control swelling that increasing day by day

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Answer: Hello dear 🙂 swelling is very common during pregnancy, infact it is one of the symptoms of last trimester so don't worry take rest, avoid to stand for long hours, massage your legs🙂take cate
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Question: My legs swelling is increasing day by day n also my hands are losing grip ability what will i do
Answer: aches and pains during pregnancy is apart of and parcel of pregnancy dear.our body is changing and adopting to accommodate the growing fetus .so ts really normal dear.swelling induced by pregnancy can cause fingers pain.this pain goes away once the baby is born and swelling subsides.legs pain s due to expansion of the uterus may put pressure on the nerves and blood vessels in the leg, causing cramps and some occasion pain. give some movements t yr legs and hands have regular exercise.take rest with legs elevated. drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration .massage your legs and hands applying coconut oil and take hot bath. talk to your doctor if you have heavy pain in it.
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Question: I am 21 weeks pregnant. Now both my legs are swelling. Is that normal? Is there any home remedies for this swelling?
Answer: Yes dear it's normal during pregnancy. Due to excess fluid and blood flow swelling occurs. Dont sit or stand for a long time. Elevated legs while sitting of lying can help. Walk for sometime. Place a pillow or cushion under legs whenever lying to keep legs above heart. You can wear supportive stocking available at medical stores.
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Question: I am 35 weeks pregnant now,high BP ( 140/90) it's any problem this time?how to control this ? My legs are getting swelling also.
Answer: Hi, First thing is take very little amount of salt in ur food.Avoid salty foods like pickle etc..and drink lots of water which will help in reducing both ur bp and swelling. Also try not sit or stand in a same place for a long time, just walk slowly for atleast 5 mins for every half an hour.
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