36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 35weeks pregnant How would i knw whether my delivery will happen normally or csec

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Answer: Hello dear, If you don't have any serious medical complications like low lying placenta issue, BP, sugar and your pregnancy period was going smoothly then definitely you will go for normal delivery.
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Question: Im 5 weeks pregnant ..im in constant fear for my baby..how would i knw whether my bby i ok
Answer: Don't get tensed dear. Tension is not at all good in pregnancy. Have regular check ups.If you have any other fear you can share with us here. We are here to help each other dear. Take care
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Question: How it will came to knw its twins pregnancy .. whether doctor only inform us ? Or how ?
Answer: Hi dear Yeah of course doctor only ll intimate you after your first scan it ll come to know whether its single fetus or twin..
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Question: How would i knw its a boy or gal
Answer: Hi dear. There isn't any other way to know baby's gender other than ultrasound of 20th week , and revealing gender is illegal in India . Moreover all babies are adorable so why bothering about baby's gender. Get ready to accept the baby of any gender mother's love don't depend upon gender of kids. Wish you happy pregnancy journey
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