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Question: I am 34 weeks pregnant and my BP scan shows breech presentation.. will this effect my normal delivery and any chances of baby changing the position... plz help

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Question: My scan shows breech presentation and cord around the neck.what are the chance i can have normal delivery .I am at 31 weeks of gestation.
Answer: hi dear , baby gnerally moves towards cephalic presentation within 36 weeks of pregnancy. I can suggest few exercise which could help baby to move downwards. firstly you can work for 30 minutes per day, secondly you can do back stretching and pelvic tilt exercises for 10 minutes each another effective exercise is squatting. But before starting these exercises you have to ask your doctor whether your health permits doing exercise or not.
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Question: Hello doctor.. i m 29 weeks pregnant now. My baby is in breech position. Will the position change. Is there any chances for normal delivery?
Answer: Don't worry dear... breech position is common upto 30 weeks...later the baby changes its position for Normal delivery...be sure that ur amniotic fluid is adequate by undergoing ultrasound scanning...
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Question: At 34 weeks baby is in cephalic presentation. Is there any chances of changing this position at coming weeks?
Answer: Hi dear if dis ia ur first pregnancy then there is less chance of baby to change the position. But if this is ur 2nd pregnancy then baby may move further
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