33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 33week pragnant and nowdays i cant sleep properly due to the pain in left side of my stomach and right side of my stomach and there is also swelling in my feet.. Please suggest me some tips for proper sleep

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Answer: There s some sleeping position for pregnant ladies... Sleeping in sitting position will help better
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Question: What is the reason for vaginal pain in 9 month?? Due to this i cant sleep on left and right side..please suggest something to minimize pain
Answer: The baby is starting to drop and your pelvis is steching and getting ready to deliver. Also your baby is gaining most of its weight now and as you know your stomach is getting tighter. Try not to sit with your legs closed all the way( sit like the guys) that will take some pressure off and at night sleep with a few pillows between your legs. Keep walking just try not to put alot of added pressure on them.
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Question: I cant sleep on my right side or left side, keep flipping sides... I feel stomach getting bigger so need some support while sleeping.. please suggest sleeping position
Answer: Hi. when you sleep straight your baby gets least space to move which is not good, also baby doest get sufficient blood suppy . And baby weight is also on your spine which can be harm full. So its better to sleep in your sides, it may be left or right any. You can put a small pillow under you tummy it will support your tummy and you wont feel uncomfortable also keep pillow between yoir leg it will also help. If you sleep in your left its the best position to sleep as your baby gets max oxygen, blood and nutrinal supplies. You can sleep in your right also its also considered good. But never on your tummy.
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Question: plz help me .. im facing pain at right side hip bone or swelling at right feet .. i cant sleep or i cant change the side during sleep due to bone pain .. wht can i do ??
Answer: Hi, u can take warm water bath to reduce ur hip pain and sikai le skte or hot water bottle se. And for feet swelling massage it with warm oil or sikai lo, and keep pillows under ur feet while at time of sleeping and sitting time. Always keep ur legs straight, don't hold them hanging.
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