32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 33 weeks pregnant my problem islast 4 days suffering from numbness and tingling in my hands

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Question: I am 35 week pregnant. From last 2days my hand and leg is having numbness and tingling very often. Is it serious problem?
Answer: Hi congrats, As your body is going through lot of changes you will have cramping, tighting, sharp pain which may cause discomfort and irritation....as your uterus is expanding and lengthen to make more space your growing baby... numbness is all common during pregnancy....don't you worry even I have faced all of it all pregnant women come across during pregnancy....take healthy food, exercise, meditation or yoga, medication and a proper guidance from your doc will help.. Keep yourself relaxed and clam...take care👍☺
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Question: I am 33 weeks pregnant...from.last few days m having some tingling and painful sensations in my hands and feet...is there anything i can do about it ????
Answer: tingling effect and numbness can be because of carpep tunnel syndrome. . dont do any hard work like typing continuously or standing for long time for more information u can search it on google
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Question: M 18 weeks pregnant I feel numbness or tingling in hand is it normal
Answer: Anyone plz help me
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