32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 31week pregnant...before pregnency i was 40kg and now i am 50kg..is it safe??is my baby's weight increase???

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Answer: Hi if u were on average weight then it is fine to gain weight of almost 10 to 15 kg in all along ur pregnancy. For baby weight u need to get ur ultrasound done and then only doctor can advise u about ur baby status.
Answer: It can be known by sonography and I even have gained weight and was 46kg...And gained 15kg weight...Had consulted my doc she said it's OK..U can also consult your doc.
Answer: Hi dear, Baby weight is different than your own weight.it needs to be calculated through scan.although you can expect an increase of 12-18 kgs till delivery.
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Question: Helloo. I am in 17th week. Before pregnancy i was 51kg. Bt now i am 50kg only. How can i increase my weight. Is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear, not gaining or losing weight in pragnancy is normal because of hormonal changes and nausea and vomit. So if baby is growing healthy and gaining proper weight then there is nothing to worry about it but yes you do need a healthy and balanced diet and stay hydrated. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables that will help you gain proper weight...
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Question: Hii .i am 31week pregnant before pregnency i was underweight now i am 50kg..is my baby in a safe weight??how i calculate my baby's weight
Answer: Hi dear, Baby weight in Pregnancy can only be calculated through scan.your weight being normal doesnot mean your baby is having normal weight too.so its better if you get it known through scan.
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Question: Before pregnant my weight is 50kg. Now my weight 58.5. is it normal
Answer: Hi dear, You can expect an increase of 12- 18 kgs of weight in your whole pregnancy. Excessive weight gain can lead to complications like gestational diabetes.you can start eating smaller meals instead of larger meals.avoid sugary food and refined food. Start mild exercises daily.
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