31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 31 weeks pregnant can i use underwear and braw

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Answer: No dont use under garments . Use them when its necessary going outside like that .
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Question: Can I use heating bag for back pain? I am almost 31 weeks pregnant
Answer: Hllo dear u r 30 weeks pregnant yes dear u can use heating bag its helpful in back pain try it first apply any pain relief oil or spray then give warm compress its helpful .try it go 4 walk daily .sleep on soft bed. Try it dear
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Question: Can i eat Maggie? I am 31 weeks pregnant.
Answer: Dear it's good to have maggie once in a while but it's better to aviod the masala in the noodles. The ingredients in the pack is not safe for the baby. The best option is to prepare home made noodles. It's ingredients are safe for the growth of the baby. Don't use ajinomotto while preparing noodles
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Question: Can we use maternity braw ...
Answer: Hello... Dear since you are breastfeeding baby, can use feeding brazier, it will prevent sagginess and it is convenient during this period
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