32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 31 week pregnant and my Unborn baby pick up everyday at night is it safe for my baby please tell me

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Answer: Hi dear pick up during pregnancy is normal it is a rhythmic feeling and trembling a few seconds that you feel in your stomach it is absolutely fine and normal with Unborn baby you might feel and notice that the baby is doing hiccups even after but at the same time but it would go away with time so there is nothing to be worried about .. Hope this helps!
Answer: There's nothing to worry baby will move when they are awake and in the night you feel so because your at rest.. baby will keep changing their rhythm so stay calm.. untill and unless your baby is movement is felt there is nothing to worry
Answer: Hi dear it is not like dat as hr baby do have regular movement all day but as u stay calm at night si u get more of kick and movement.
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Question: hi I'm 31 week pregnant can i have noodles it is safe for me and my baby
Answer: Its best to avoid all junk food n maida...still if u r really craving fr it take a bite...prefer healthy n nutritious diet fr proper growth n development of baby
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Question: Hii doctor yesterday i eat paanparag at very little quantity is it harm ful for my unborn baby i am 31 weeks pregnant
Answer: Hi. Little amount wont hurt. But make sure you dont repeat this in future as if not this time it can affect next time. .so olwase sont have any such things.
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Question: Hai i am 37 week pregnant and my doctor has suggested for internal check up . Will it be painful. Can you please tell me how it is done
Answer: Hello dear, it's not too much painful, doctor insert her finger to check your Cervix delite position and baby position.
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