30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 29 weeks 3days pregnant and my haemoglobin is 7.8 so that I transfusion blood.for which I suffering joundish.1.4 .is this any to problem for me and my baby..?

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Question: Hi.. I am 29 week pregnant and my baby weight is 1.4 kg.. is it good?
Answer: Hello Your baby weight is a bit low here are few tips Drink tang or glucon d it works like magic to make baby gain weight Eat lots of ghee diary and butter packed meals. U should eat 5 to 6 meals in a day. Keep small snacks like cheese nuts raisins dry fruits biscuits sweets of ur choice ice creams yogurt etc. Spread peanut butter on bread or apples if ur able to eat it as it's very helpful in gaining weight and filled with nutrients. U can eat eggs meat. Keep your self well hydrated eat on time try to eat fruits and vegetables lentils etc add lots of fats and oils help in gaining weight and filled with nutrients.
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Question: I am 28week pregnant and my hemoglobin 7.8 any problem for this much of blood percentage and what to do?
Answer: Hi! The normal range of hb during pregnancy is 12-16 gm/dl, Take in iron rich foods like dates, fig etc Jaggery is an excellent source of iron. Liver , in case you have non- veg. Eat curry of 250 grams of leaves of drumstick tree.My friend was 9 during 2nd week of 9th month. she only added this in her diet. Doctor was astonished to see the result in two weeks gap. It went to 11. Include ragi, dates n pomegranates. also eat vitamin c rich foods. Vitamin C foods like oranges tomatoes helps in better absorption of iron. Good luck!
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Question: Doctor said My blood levels is low and suggested me to have a blood transfusion.. Am really tensed! I don't want any transfusion.. How Can I recover my blood ,is this a big problem for baby? Please reply
Answer: Hi dear, Are you talking about hoemoglobin or platelets ? Blood levels low could mean anything.i am not sure how low are they that doctor has asked you for blood transfusion.please let us know the actual report,only then we can answer specifically.
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