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Question: I am 28 yrs old planning for first baby,two years ago i detected with pcod,my doc advice me progesterone sustain release tablet once in a month for next 10 month,my weight is 65 and height is5'3"..i have regular period bt is stays 2.5- 3 days,my iron level is11msg,plz suggest my few tips before pregnancy.. thank you

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Answer: Hi Dear! It's great to know that you are planning your pregnancy and since you have had PCOD and on progesterone supplement it is good for you according to your weight and height I don't think there should be any problem and if your periods is regular then it is more good for you but 2.5 to 3 days is also normal there is nothing to be worried about I would just say that it is important to start the pregnancy with a healthy weight, physical activity is good when you are trying to conceive, it gives your body energy, make you feel good, increase your stamina for a vaginal birth. However thr r few things which is better to be avoided when trying is; *Cut down on high mercury fish *Avoid Soda and store bought fruit juice *Avoid Alchohol *Get your Thyroid checked. *Be stress free. All the best!
Answer: hi.. i have been given SUSTEN 200 MG injection on 28th feb till now no period.. normally when ll peruiod occcurs in this injection.. i took the injection for 1 day..pls reply
Answer: pl many days after susten injection do u get periid.. i too had for 1 day.. susten 200 injection .pl tell... it would help me a lot
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Question: I got my first day periods on July 22, I am planning for pregnancy after my next period in August. I have pcod and undergoing treatment. My height is 5.4 and weigh 80kilo. I need tips for getting pregnant,
Answer: Hi, try to first change your lifestyle. Have a balanced nutritious diet, regular exercise and proper rest. Then try to get your ovulation period. One generally ovulates on the 14th day of the periods. Hence having sex regular or atleast once in alternate days from the 9th day to 16th day will help to conceive faster.
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Question: I have PCOD problem for last few years bcoz that i couldn't conceive my second baby plzz give me some essential tips for cure PCOD
Answer: Hello dear. Pcod is very common and affecting most women these days. However, you can get pregnant with PCOS. There are a number of effective fertility treatments available. You can check with your doctor. Take care.
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Question: I am planning to travel by train next week ,my doctor suggested progesterone sustained release tablet for 10 days , i take this tablet yesterday ,today i am having white discharge is there any problem to continue this tablet?
Answer: Yes you can take this tablet white discharge is of that tablet which in excess comes out. Not to worry.
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