29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 28 week 5 days pregnant but in my today usg sonography it seen 27 week 4 days. In my today scan report are as under : 1. fetal weight 1028 grams 2. Single loose loope of unbillical cord is seen around the neck. 3. Lower edge of placenta 2.9 cms from internal os. 4. Single live fetus is transverse lie. 5. Placenta is anterier grade 2 maturity. Is my report is normal or any complication ? In my 5th month scan i have low lying placenta..

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Answer: Hello dear. It is all normal abd thwre is nothing to be worried at all. Low lying placenta is not a cocern if it is not covering OS. it gradually is careied upward with expanding uterus which in ur report is visible. So please do not worry. However I would still suggets consulting gynae and getting a specialist view on the report. Hope it helps.
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    Bhoomi Patel833 days ago

    Thank u so much

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