16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 26 years old..73 kg weight & 165 cm height (26.8 bmi) little overweight..will this effect my pregnancy.. should i lose weight now?

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Answer: congrats..its positive...u r going to become mother
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Question: Hello ,My son is 8 years old my weight is 73 my age is 31 my height is 5'4 I want to lose my weight
Answer: Hi, as per height, ur weight should be under 60. U should try to take a light meal at a time. Every 2 hours, try to eat something in a small quantity. Avoid rice, potato and sweet items. Have lots of water and juice. Walk regularly and do ur housework ownself. Ur active body will help to lose ur weight rapidly.
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Question: My weight now is 69kg before pregnancy it was 53 kg my height is 164 cm is this overweight
Answer: Helo Dear weight gain is completely normal during pregnancy moreover it's important to gain weightbecause it's not only your weight but babys weight Placenta weight and amniotic fluid weightis also included in your weight. A healthy weight gain in full pregnancy is 15-20kgs. And mostof the weight is reduced right after delivery and rest will be reduced by breastfeeding asbreastfeeding burns alot of calories..
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Question: I am 21 years and slightly overweight my BMI is 26.3...will losing weight help me conceive
Answer: Try to intake more protein and greens to reduce weight. Know your oluvation period and try to have sex on that day. Chances are more to get pregnant on that days. Finally keep your cool.
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