25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 24 wk pregnent..i am having heavy burning sensation in utirus after come from toilet every day..pls suggest me a solution

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Answer: Hello, I think you must be having urine infection. please drink lot of water and fluids . do not use chemical based cleanser to your vagina , make sure you wash it with clean water with non chemical cleansers. Use toilet sanitizer whenever you use public toilets. You can contact your gynecologist for further medication. Hope it helps.
Answer: Plz take lot of water.and do a urine culture.and maintain good perineal hygiene.
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    ranjithanagaraj jn115 days ago

    Can i use v wash

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Question: Hello.am 27 wk pregnent...i daily drink lot of water..coconut water amd also but butter milk..and watermelon.cucumber..but still i facing heavy burning sensation in utirus..pls help me
Answer: Hello, it may be due to urine infection or harmonal imbalance, please consult ur doctor immediately
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Question: After breastfeeding,i am having burning sensation in nipple.please suggest some remedy.
Answer: Its common. U may try nipple shields.. If its unbearable
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Question: Hi...Im feeling heavy burning sensation in my throat chest and stomach...pls suggest
Answer: Hi, Usually th ed burning sensation or gastric problemis common during pregnency. This is due to hormonal imbalance and enlarging of uterus will pressure on stomach and chest. Follow the below home remedies to reduce it. Ginger juice or tea it will help in improving digestive system. Drink more buttermilk with haf spoon of jeera powder. Drink plenty of water Avoid intaking of oily food and red meat. This will take more time fir digestion. Have green vegetables.
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