23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 23 weeks pregnant, i noticed little blood stuck to the toilet seat after passing stool. I have no pain or itching in the anal area, but very scared, i think the blood passed in stool, should i go to the doctor now? Or wait till my next appointment which is after 10 days. Please suggest.

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Answer: It is common if you pass hard stools. Increase fluid and fruit intake. Exercise if repeats consult doctor
Answer: Wait till Ur next appointment.
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Question: I feel alot of pain during or after passing stool whole day in anal area .plz suggest some remedy
Answer: Avoid spices, lot of chillies and take simple food. It will help you within 1 week If you like my answer hit 👍
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Question: I have itching and pain in my stool area after using toilet I can not even sit for next 10mint some timei found 1 or 2 drop blood on panty pls tell what to do
Answer: It can be the due to the piles are you suffering from constipation because during constipation we tend to put pressure while passing motion If yes then you should treat your constipation first you can take stool softeners like duphalac syrup or smuth syrup you can apply anovatee cream or xylocaine Jelly at the anal area for the relief If no improvement please consult your doctor
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Question: I had csection 10 days before,,but from yesterday whenever i go to toilet or passing stool ,,feel very discomfort and pain in stitches area????is this nrml
Answer: Hi dear, Wait for one more week,If the discomfort continues,check with doctor.usually mild discomfort is normal since while increasing pressure during urinating and passing stool,could impact the stitches,as the area is still tender.may a month or so,it should heal completly.i hope ther is no swelling and redness around the stiches.keep moving around,to heal the stiches faster.
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