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Question: I am 22week pregnant...I have chicken pox this time....is it any harm for my baby???

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Answer: I suffered from dengue during 21week pregnancy, doc says nothing to worry, nine months is long time sometime health issues happens.consult ur doc.
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Question: I have developed chicken pox. Is it going to harm my baby?
Answer: Hi dear, Chicken pox in Pregnancy is quite risky.it has every potential inefect the growing baby.but fortunately mostbof te brain development has taken palce and it might not efect your baby.my sister in law got it at a very crucial stage if hwr Pregnancy.but luckily both mother and baby were fine.so donot worry but take care.
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Question: Hi,I am 10week pregnant,am working lady..in my ofc many colleague's family members have chicken pox..is it impact on me..I am scare if will get chicken pox..is it affect baby if mom have chicken pox..
Answer: You are right Talk to doctor about options available such as vacvination If you can avoid contact with them avoid Take care
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Question: Hi I am 29 week pregnant, I got chicken pox. whether it will harm my baby ....
Answer: Hello dear. Chicken pox during pregnancy is not good. At times it has lead to serious complications for d baby as well but, as you are in the 29th week of pregnancy, there are very low chances of d baby getting affected by fvs that is d fetal vericella syndrome. Still as a precautionary measure you can consult your doctor for an ultrasound scan to see if the baby has normal growth and development.
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