23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 21 weeks mother.its second pregnancy and first one is normal.but in tiffa scan baby position is transverse.is this position change at end of pregnancy or not.plz..reply

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Answer: hi dear! so if the baby is transverse lie at 21 weeks means that the baby will move dear so dont worry when you cross 34-35 weeks and if still the baby is transverese lie then you might have to undergo c section. but for now dont worry let your baby move freely inside dear. and we should see in the scans later on in the pregnancy dear. take care.
Answer: Hi dear! So the baby will change its movements till the 9th month of pregnancy so too that time the baby can move and so the transverse position ca n be changed also. Be positive dear. Take care.
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Question: Hi mam I am in 21 weeks pregnancy so tiffa scan suggested months or weeks tell me mam
Answer: Hello dear, A TIFFA scan is one of the important scans conducted during pregnancy. It is important because it detects any congenital abnormalities in the growing fetus. ... However, the scan isimportant to be performed on all women because a lot of fetal abnormalities have been found in the low-risk group as well. Usually done between18-22 Weeks. Hope it helped Take care urself...
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Question: i did my Tiffa scan and baby position is still in breech position. at which month did position will change. iam 24th week pregnant. iam getting to much of back pain and foot swelling.
Answer: Babies position change continuously... U should walk more to change d position... This will surely help you dear... Back pain and foot swelling is normal... For swelling u should place a pillow under ur feet or legs... Same thing at nyte.. And avoid to sit on chairs when ur legs are down.. Try to always have a pillow under ur legs and feet...
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Question: In tiffa scan my baby is in ciphalic position is there any chance to change the position
Answer: Ofcourse there is plenty of time for baby to change position .baby takes head down position between 31 to 36 weeks. So dont worry.
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