22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 21 week pregnant my scan report show placenta previa type 3,what I do and normal delivery is possible or not

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Answer: hi it is difficult it means that you low lying placenta and is usually should be taking lot of n precautions you should not when you should not lift anything you should not do any strenuous activities you should try it a good rest because it is very important in order to avoid complications like bleeding also normal delivery looks difficult
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Question: I am 36 week pregnant my ultrasound report is placenta post grade 3 is normal dilivery possible
Answer: Yes dear, if you don't have any serious medical complications and labour pain start naturally then normal delivery possible.
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Question: Hi im 21 week pregnant to done anomal scan the report show placenta posterior and cephalic presentation its normal?
Answer: Yes...it's Normal.my pregnancy scan report also same.i have a beautiful baby girl
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Question: Hello doctor i am 29 weeks pregnant now. Recently my scan was done and my placenta is posterier previa type 3. In previous scans it was posterier and no previa. What care should i take?? And what factors could cause my placenta from no previa to previa type 3? To what extent it is dangerous??
Answer: if the Placenta position is low lying that means it is low lying placenta you have to take very good care of you should avoid doing any stay near sector with you you should take good rest you should not bend on left anything heavy as it can lead to complications like bleeding before it is advisable to take good rest
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