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Question: I am 20 weeks pregnant now ....and i want to know what is pleasant posterior, low lying with its lower margin seen at the level of internal OS . Is there any problem if pleasant is low lying for 20 weks

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Answer: Hello! Placenta low lying is an complication in pregnancy. It happens when placenta that feeds the growing baby is attached to the lower part of the womb near to or covering the cervix. The common risk associated with it is preterm labor and bleeding. Hence it is better to be on complete bed rest. Avoid too much of activity, especially the ones which has bouncing and jerking of the lower abdomen. Take care
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Question: My tvs report says i have low lying anteriorly and its lower margin touching the internal os is it ok? I have problem when i walk for long
Answer: If ur placenta is low lying, then avoid lifting heavy weight, take complete rest, don't walk for long if u r facing problem,,, u should also avoid such cases where placenta is low lying there is risk of bleeding so u should be very careful.... But don't worry this will be resolved as your pregnancy progress on and your uterus increases in size
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Question: Hi I have Posterior low lying placenta with lower edge covering internal OS is it a problem..... I am worried
Answer: if you have low lying placenta you should be very careful and take these precautions you should not when you should not lift anything heavy you should take good rest avoid any strenuous activities to avoid complications like bleeding during pregnancy
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Question: I am 22week pregnant my placenta is low lying lower margin 2.8cms from os. is there any problem?
Answer: Take a proper bed coming months ur placenta will automatically goes up..don't worry..
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