19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 18 weeks pregnent and having low lying placenta and also suffering from bad cold.... Can coughing cause placenta to bleed?

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Question: I am 18 weeks pregnent and having anterior low lying placenta 2.1 cm from internal os.... Is it risky?
Answer: Its not risky,most pregnant ladies have same problem,even i too had same doubt at my ntscan..but as the uterus size increases it will have the place to move up..nothing to worry..everything will be fine..be positive..
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Question: I am having low lying placenta placenta
Answer: Hi! Usually the position of placenta is either at side or top if the placenta is attached at the back side of the uterus is posterior placenta, incase of low lying placenta it is attached at a lower end to the uterus, there are some difficulties as it may cover the cervix which can be a problem in vaginal birth ,it may rise up at a later stage along with the uterus. Please do as the Doctor say, dont worry much,do not walk fast, lot of bed rest, dont squat, dont lift heavy weight, avoid bumpy road, no intercourse, have fibrous food avoid constipation, Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi , i am suffering pelvic pain. And also i am having low lying placenta. Currently i am 16 week pregnant. Tell me the cause for pelvic pain
Answer: I have experienced same problem last time. Pelvic pain is because of low line placenta. Take total bed rest upto placenta moves upwards, it will happen after 6 mnths when baby starts moving.and also once go for ultra sound scan to know whether any blood clots formed in placenta.
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