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Question: I am 18 weeks pregnant. I have no baby movements

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Answer: Hi U cannot feel any movement in the initial weeks of pregnancy.As ur baby isvery small.U can have some movements in 5th month.some women feel by their 6 th month in caseof first pregnancy as ur baby starts to put on weight.Many mothers find the movement more in night
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Question: I am 18 weeks pregnant. am not feeling baby movements.
Answer: Hi lovely lady,here is the complete timeline of Baby Movement, hope this will help you to prepare for coming weeks as well Week 12: Your baby should start to move, but you probably won't be able to feel anything, because the baby is still so small. Week 16: Some pregnant women will start to feel tiny butterfly-like flutters. The feeling might just be gas, or it might be the baby moving. Week 20: By this point in your baby's development, you may start to really feel your baby's first movements, called "quickening." Week 24: The baby's movements are starting to become more established. You might also begin to feel slight twitches as your baby hiccups. Week 28: Your baby is moving often now. Some of the kicks and jabs may take your breath away. Week 36: Your uterus is getting crowded as the baby grows, and movements should slow down a bit. However, alert your healthcare provider if you notice significant changes in your baby’s usual activity. You should feel consistent movement throughout the day.
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Question: Am 18 week pregnant bt i have no feeling baby movements. Why
Answer: Hi! If you are a first time Mom you will need some time to understand the movements, around 19-25 weeks you will be able to feel the movements. The baby keeps moving in the sac but in initial days its too tiny that we dont understand it but later when the baby starts growing then the movements become sharper and prominent first few movements are misunderstood as gas its so quick but with time it improves. Good luck!
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Question: I am 17 week pregnant i have no baby movements
Answer: Baby start moving approx from 19-22 weeks. So... dont worry... just keep waiting for best feelings of worlds...
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Question: I am 19 weeks pregnant..but no baby movements..why
Answer: Hii dear though embryo begin to make movement by 7th week but being so small ,moms couldn't notice it . Generally mom feel the movement or quickening anywhere between 14th to 26th weeks but generally closer to an average 18th to 22nd week. 2nd time mom can feel early as her uterine and abdomen muscles are more lax.
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