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Question: I am 12 weeks pregnant now. But yesterday I had vaginal bleeding. I had consulted a doctor and after USG he said the baby is fine and the bleeding may be due to some internal pressure. I had travelled via train to a place i need to be. I am very worried can it harm my baby in any further days? What is the reason behind the bleeding i just can't find the answer. Can anyone help me please in this matter.

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Answer: Hello dear dont worry and dont get panic this is very normal at the beginning of the pregnancy. Womens who has low energy, nutriet, calcium and who travel everyday who work hard and who lift heavy weight,whose body temperature is hot always will get this issur this is normal and will happen only at the early stage. What you should do is take plenty of water, if you work please take more water because u travel and you sit for more than 6 hours this may make your body week. So drink as much as water you can . You can take tender coconut everyday this will stop bleed. And the other remedy would be aloe vera juice which will cool down ur body and heal your immune system. Take fluid food . Pray well dont think anythink negatively. Be positive and enjoy your pregnancy.
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    Ambe Bhattacharya833 days ago

    Thank you so much. Yes i m a working lady and for that i had to travel daily via rickshaw. My school is 3 km from my home. I will definitely do what u have prescribed me to do.

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