13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 12 weeks pregnant. Yesterday when i checked my sugar level random, it showed 247. I am worried. Pl some one help

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Answer: Oh level is very high. Due to sugar you would  not be able to eat everything. You should avoid specially sweets, fruit like banana, raises, dates and vegetables like potato.  consult your gyno, start medicine.  you can take three small-to-moderate-size meals and two to four snacks every day....Don't skip meals. Eat a good breakfast. you may have to limit carbohydrates breads, cereal, fruit, and milk, boost your protein eggs, cheese, peanut butter, nuts , and possibly avoid sweet fruit and juice altogether....Milk is high in lactose,  so you may need to limit the amount you drink and find an alternative source of calcium. ...Moderately increasing your activity level is also a good way to help keep your blood glucose levels at normal levels....
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Question: My sugar level is 104 fasting and random sugar level 165..i am 7 months pregnant.. Is it complicated..
Answer: Hi dear, Your sugar readings are on higher side.your fasting sugar reding should have been within 100 while random should have been within 140. In pregnancy,sugar fluctuations are common.and women tend to get gestational diabetes.it is due to hormones and lifestyle.hormones you can't control,directly.so change your lifestyle by altering something's in diet and exercise.you can include lot of fibre in diet,complex carbs like oats,brown rice,whole wheat,quinoa.avoid all sugary stuff,refined food items.eat clean home cooked food.including walking daily could be sufficient to bring your sugar level in range.
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Question: I have no sugar till 32 weeks.. but i checked yesterday and my sugar level after 2 hr of meal is 153.. is it very dangerous..?? what i can do to reduce it, i am worried..
Answer: Hi dear u should get GTT test done wid 75gm glucose If its 2hr post glucose value is >140 then only it is abnormal Nt only after 2hr meal
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Question: Hi, I am 19 weeks pregnant and my Random blood sugar is 151. Can it be harmful to my baby?
Answer: Yes dear...your sugar levels are high. It can be harmfull for your baby. Please consult your doctor and work out remedies to bring it under control.
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