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Question: I am 12 week pregnant n I haven't gain weight at all. It is still the same as it was bfr I got pregnant, although I m eating everything in moderate quantity but yes I take no junk fast or processed food. The only thing I have added into my usual diet are fruits vegetable juices milk n curd. Please advice. Thanks in advance

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Question: Hi, I am 8 weeks pregnant. In my last ultrasound came to know about my bicornuate uterus also I have babies in my both cornu but one has heartbeat n other don't also there is no movement seen for that baby. Please let me is there any risk. Doctor has advice me to have ultrasound after 1 month then only he may able to tell the condition of 2nd baby. Please do let me know what should I do for maintaining the health of both the babies. I want my both babies to be in good condition. Thanks in advance.
Answer: Congrats first of all u will get both babies by the god grace only pray for baby heart beat and u should take healthy food like beetroot juice, brown rice for meals, fruits, sprouts for snacks, give gaps and take sufficient water Don't take any fast foods till ur baby was normal I will also pray for ur baby make sure of urself god grace will be with u be confident Talk with ur babies that u want both be active my dear don't worry
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Question: I am 6 n half weeks pregnant.since last 5days i found some brown bloody discharge and it smells like normal white discharge..m worried too much about goes not in heavy quantity rather it any risk for the baby?i also visit doctor when i first saw it and he did tvs but didnot get the heartbeat of the baby and then i was 5 weeks 5days..he called me after 2weeks...but my health is not good..i vomit and i cant eat anything but before when i knew it m pregnant i could eat everything...m so much afraid plzz help me and advice me..has it any risk?
Answer: Dear take care of yourself Take some medicine from ur doctor for vomiting and eat may be less in proportion but eat and go for ultrasound there can be a problem or sometime this discharge is due to implantation. Do not stress ur self. Just think positive Ur stress can affect your baby so try to be calm and stressfree
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