12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 12 week pregnant.In my 12 th week scan crown -rump length is 5.5cm (55.5mm).Is it normal??

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Question: I m 9 months pregnant..but crown rump length is 0.53cms....y is it so...n what should i do??
Answer: Hi dear for now your babies length should have been 2.3 cm since your babies growth is not fine you must visit your doctor for advice. Good luck.
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Question: I am 12 weeks pregnant. In my 12th week scan crown -rump length is 5.5cm (55.5mm).Is it normal or the foetus is too small??
Answer: In week 6 crl size should be 4mm . And the size of crl increase by 1mm everyday ,so u can cout it as it is k or not... BTW what your doctor said?
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Question: Hi.in my last 12 th week scan .it shows cervical length of 3cm.is it normal range??
Answer: Hi,you should be careful avoid doing stranious activities as this can lead to placenta pervia in future
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