11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 11 weeks pregnant mother.....can l sex this time ???

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Answer: Better to have after your 1st trimester. Before that just consult with your doctor about any precautions and positions to try. :)
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Question: Hi doctor...I am 11 weeks pregnant...Is it safe to have sex during this time ?
Answer: Hello dear, Sex during pregnancy is considered to be safe, still there could  be some harmful effects of having sex in the first trimester. If you had a history of miscarriages, it is advisable  not indulge in sex. When you are feeling nauseous or have overwhelming fatigue, it is better to refrain from sex. Also, a woman who is pregnant with twins or multiple babies or has a low-lying placenta should not indulge in sex. Hope it helped, Take care urself....
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Question: I am 8 weeks pregnant. Can l have intercourse during this time?
Answer: sex is safe throughout pregnancy and will not hurt your baby if there are no problems. This includes the early weeks after you get pregnant. The developing amniotic fluid and sac and the muscle layers of your uterus cushion and protect your embryo from trauma as your pregnancy progresses. As long as you are comfortable, in the mood, and have an uncomplicated pregnancy, go ahead and enjoy your normal sexual activities.
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Question: I am 11 weeks pregnant can i drink mother horlicks
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. Yes you can have mother's Horlicks. Mother's Horlicks contains nutrients like Iron, Folic Acid, Zinc, Magnesium, which are known to help improve the birth weight of the baby. Take care.
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