11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 10 week pregnant it is safe or unsafe eat to gobimanchuri

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Answer: According to me ,it is not safe because all Chinese food items use Sous and it contains aginomoto which is not good during pregnancy due to it affects normal brain development ..
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Question: I am 14 week pregnant...doing sex during this period is safe or unsafe for baby?
Answer: Hi dear, Sex during pregnancy is quite safe provided you have no pregnancy related complications.tou need to be comfortable and try poses that are easy on you.donot experiment with various sex postures.missionary and women on top are easy and safe.husband must use condome as precaution,to aviod getting any infection..
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Question: I am 8 week pregnant sex is safe or unsafe
Answer: Dear that really depends how smooth and low risk your pregnancy is . If your doctor didn't advise any precaution then its completely fine to have sex but if there is a little complication is included then its better to wait till delivery.. you are in quite early pregnancy so please talk to your doctor about it..
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Question: It is safe or unsafe eat to watermelon
Answer: Hello! Watermelon is very nutritious and should be included in the daily diet. It is also a good source of iron., hence definitely have it. Take care
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