20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I 19 weeks pregnanat but still baby bump is not seing and this is my second pregnancy

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Answer: It may take sometime to show for some ladies. But don't worry. Just focus on your diet. Start taking 2 tsp mama protinex daily with a glass of milk. You can have 2-3 sponge rasgullas as chhena is good for the baby too. Take 1-2 banana daily. Have short and frequent meals. Instead of having 3 large meals, have 5-6 short meals. You can also try theraptin biscuits.
Answer: Hello dear. All pregnancy bumps are different, if this is your first pregnancy, if your abdominal muscles have never been stretched before by pregnancy, your muscles will tend to be quite toned and tight. Depending on the position your baby is in, your belly may at times look smaller. It is nothing to do with size of the babies, don't worry. Take care.
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Answer: Hi, Head fixes by 32 weeks in first time pregnancy... Absolutely wrong. May be by 37/ 38 weeks and its not a rule set in stone , just a probability. Please do some squatting exercises, walking , climbing stairs maybe but dont strain yourself too much to cause pain. Baby will descend or maybe will happen just before labor or during labor and its important to be active and moving around and not just lying on your back during labor.
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Question: This is my second pregnancy. My height is 5.5 and size of baby bump is normal. But there is no itching and all. Is this OK?
Answer: Hi dear, yes it's normal dear not necessary to have itching. Itching is basically is issue due to elasticity which causes dryness and itchiness. So it's ok keep it mosturized.
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Answer: Every pregnancy is different.wait for some more days..
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