35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How will i fell or i will come to know that my baby has shifted his/her head downward?

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Answer: Hello dear, Here are five signs you may notice, when your baby head down. You can breathe easier. When a baby drops, they physically drop into your pelvis. ... You might feel a lot more pressure. ... You notice increased discharge. ... You take more frequent trips to the bathroom. ... You have pelvic pain....
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Question: How will i come to know that my baby has turned his head down without doing ultrasound?any symptoms?
Answer: Hi congratulations for your pregnancy. In head down position, you ll feel belly heavy on the lower side. More kicks/movememts around the belly button. More frequent urge to pass urine.
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Question: How to I know my baby head move downward position
Answer: dear... through scanning you can understand the position of the baby . and also you can understand while going to hospital the doctor can check it and doctor will say .
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Question: Hlo plz tell me how to know baby position i mean(head upward or downward)
Answer: Hello! You can feed your baby by a feeding bottle. Go for the slow flow nipples instead of the regular ones. As for the infection, chances are always there for it. Proper sterilisation is required. Also I would request you try feeding the baby directly as this will increase the supply of the breastmilk too. For this increase the skin to skin contact more with the baby and offer the baby your breasts when thhe baby is not too hungry. Take Care
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Question: M 36vweek pregnant how i will come to know that baby has passed the meconium or baby is unsafe?
Answer: Dear first of all this is rare and doesn't happen in every pregnancy hence it is a complication. Secondly for you the only way to know that baby is alright is to feel the baby move every hour. If you feel there is a gap of 2 hours without movement you need to consult the doctor for that immediately. Such things like meconium or baby's safety can be seen through the scan only at this stage. Hope it helps.
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