Few weeks old baby

Question: How to wean off of nipple shield?

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Answer: Hello dear To avoid nipple shield: 1. Immediately before breastfeeding baby, hand express or pump just until let-down and then latch baby on. 2. Ensure baby opens his mouth widely to encourage him to take as much breast tissue into his mouth as possible for a wide, deep latch.
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Question: How to wean off nipple shield from baby?
Answer: When Ur baby is more hungry try feeding directly. Otherwise while feeding remove it continue feeding directly. Once baby started feeding on breast don't use nipple shield that side but baby cries for having directly use nipple shield and continue to try. Quickly your baby will learn. For my baby also I have tried this only
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Question: How to wean off
Answer: Hi dear. you will have to work with lots of patients because meaning of a baby from breastfeeding is an emotional challenge for both you and your baby . you will have to do it gradually , first via baby from one feed and continue this for few days then we need a baby from another feed and continue this again for few days , in this way wean her off from feed to feed , it will not strain your baby emotionally . this process will take some days but it will make weaning emotional easy for both you and your baby . hope this will help you
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Question: How to wean new born baby from nipple shield?
Answer: watch YouTube videos of medela nipple shield you will easily understand how to wear
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