9 months old baby

Question: How to treat worm infection in 9 month baby?

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Answer: Hi dear..it is important to consult with your pediatrician and take necessary medication to help deworm your baby dear...
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Question: How to treat ear infection in 4 month baby
Answer: Hi, dr can suggeat you some ear drip for infecruon. You can keep the ear clean by wiping daily softly with a soft cloth on its outer part
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Question: How can treat pin worm in of my baby
Answer: Administer the prescribed medication to your little one as suggested by the pediatrician. A shower or give a sponge bath every morning. Daily morning cleaning is essential to remove eggs that are laid overnight. Wipe your baby’s bottom every time you change the diapers. Wash all the bedding, clothes, towels, diapers in hot water to kill pinworms and eggs. It prevents infection that may recur. Also, clean the chairs and couches and vacuum all the carpets at your home. Wash her toys with soap and hot water. Also, keep the floor, table, and other surfaces tidy that your baby may come in contact. Open the blinds and curtains so that there is proper sunlight into the rooms. Pinworm eggs are sensitive to sunlight, so it can kill them.
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Question: How to treat ring worm in 2 month old baby?
Answer: Hi dear it's a two months old baby has ringworm it must have been contracted by someone now I would suggest to take the baby to the pediatrician the pediatrician will prescribe antifungal cream which can be applied on the affected areas and it is absolutely curable and treatable but since the baby is too small now do not try anything at home.. Hope this helps
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