15 months old baby

Question: How to stop milk supply during stop breastfeeding

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Question: How can increase supply of milk during breastfeeding
Answer: hello dear u should include in yr diet for increase Breast milk.. 1.drink lots of water, coconut water, ajwain ka pani, soaf kapani 2. take healthy diet,high protein like toor daal, eggs, fish if u can, 3.dairy products like milk, ghee, chhaaj, curd, paneer 4. daliya with lots of ghee, bhuna jeera,
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Question: How to stop milk supply naturally?
Answer: Hello dear. Here are a few steps to decrease milk: Wear a firm bra both day and night to support your breasts and keep you comfortable. Use breast pads to soak up any leaking milk. ... Relieve pain and swelling by putting cold/gel packs in your bra, or use cold compresses after a shower or bath. Cold cabbage leaves worn inside the bra can also be soothing. Take care.
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Question: How to stop breastfeeding milk
Answer: Pls give different type of food instead of milk.if the baby feeling hungry pls give food r fruits r ragi java r biscuits any food baby like
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