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Question: How to safe sex in 9 months pregnant

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Answer: Hello dear. It is recommended women stop having intercourse during the final weeks of pregnancy, just as a safety precaution, because semen contains a chemical that may actually stimulate contractions. You can confirm with your doctor too. Take care.
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Question: Is safe sex in 9 months of pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear. Yes intercourse is allowed. A baby isn't hurt when a pregnant woman and her partner intercourse. The amniotic sac and the strong muscles of the uterus protect the baby, and the thick mucus plug that seals the cervix helps guard against infection. However make sure you have no other pregnancy complications. Take care.
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Question: iam 9 months pregnant, sex is safe in this stage if yes then on which positions
Answer: Aisa soch bhi kaise sakte hai log...37 week running..n u say u have sex..n wich position ...bachaa imp hai ya nahi..wait for only 4 week ..after delivery u continue your socold sex sex.j o chahiye vahi position me.👽👽
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Question: is it safe to have sex in 7 months pregnant?
Answer: you should avoid it in pregnancy..it can be harmful
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