13 months old baby

Question: How to remove wax from 1 year baby

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Answer: Hi After bathing ur baby use towel for removing wax.
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Question: How to remove ear wax from baby's ear?
Answer: Hi! At times ear wax come out in liquid form which is a little oily, please check the texture and see if there is any discomfort in the baby. Please go and meet the Doctor incase of any unease and cleaning is needed.. Good luck!
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Question: How to remove ear wax in baby?
Answer: Hello dear. Mild to moderate earwax buildup is common in children of all ages. Though you can wipe the external ear clean with a washcloth. Inserting a tool or cotton swab into your baby's ear can push the earwax even deeper into the ear, which can cause an infection. Cleaning inside the ear can also puncture the baby's eardrum. If you're concerned about excess earwax buildup, you can try hydrogen peroxide drops, but you must first consult with baby's pediatrician. Take care.
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Question: how remove wax from toddlers ear ?
Answer: Clean the outside of your child's ears with a wash cloth or cotton swab.Only use warm olive oil or coconut oil to soften any hard earwax
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