26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to reduce heat? I have sum mild pain sumtymes

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Answer: Take two pinches of fenugreek seeds or methi and soak it in two glasses of water overnight.. next day morning strain the water alone and have it in empty stomach.. no side effects.. reduces heat.. raises hb count.. if u have gestational diabetics have some soaked fenugreek seeds too along with the water.. it will maintain sugar level too
Answer: Take some more liquids ,like water, fruit juices,and coconut water and avoid heat food
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Question: I have mild bp now....how to reduce it
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy.Bp is not good in pregnancy as it can show effect on babies growth .Bp is mainly due to stress and diet. Divert yourself with good books. Listen to good music. Talk to people you are comfortable with. Spend some time with plants thus gives you lot of relief. Sleep well. Remember if you are happy only baby will be happy inside. Avoid food that contains high sodium levels such as pickles, packed food etc.Take care
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Question: How to reduce body heat ?
Answer: hi mark it is a very important to maintain the body temperature cool during pregnancy this may cause of veginal discharge and also may cause body rashes so it is must to maintain the body temperature take more water and also you can take fenugreek soaked water every morning I saw price in a week you can take aloe vera juice with the curd or buttermilk take tender coconut everyday this helps you to maintain the body temperature cool
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Question: How too reduce body heat I have plan pregnancy
Answer: Hello have cool drinks at home, for example coconut water, lemonade.. But avoid fizzy drinks... Be in a cool temperature at home.. You will feel better..
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