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Question: How to reduce body fat after c section?

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Answer: .Mix a fresh lemon juice in lukewarm water and add 1 teaspoon of honey. Drink tis on empty stomach or before meals. For best results use during empty stomach. .By breast feeding. .Drink plenty of water. . Exercises like walking or jogging. .Take a healthy diet. Choose loww fat and heavy nutient foods.
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Question: How reduce belly fat after c section
Answer: Hi,this is a common worry if women who out in extra calories during pregnancy.you should not do any crash dieting it vigrous exercises You should follow this Never skip your meals Always sit down comfortably while eating so that you will know when you are full and will not overeat You should avoid fried and oily and packed food You should have 5-6 small meals instead if 3 bug meals You should drink at least 10-13 glasses if water You should have more of fibrous food Have fruits and veges in your diet Have a bowl if salad or soup before meal Have low fat dairy products Select a healthy snack like nuts or roasted makhanas or whole wheat Continue to breast feed your baby because it is the secret to loose weight
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Question: How reduce tummy fat after C section
Answer: Tummy fat will reduce slowly. Breastfeeding also help to reduce tummy fast. Drink a lot of water, and green vegetable. Avoid junk, oily and sugar. After 3 months try to walk for sometime daily. And after 6 months you can start exercise but only after consulting with your doctor
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Question: How reduce tummy fat after c section
Answer: Hello dear. Few of home remedies that will reduce the belly fat are: Breastfeeding Diet Drink water Start Exercising Slowly (after 6 months) Ball Exercises to reduce Belly (after 6 months) Eat Small and Frequent Meals. Take care.
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