3 months old baby

Question: How to make baby fair

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Answer: Hi! Complexion of the baby is determined by its genes at the time of conception, nothing you do can change your baby's natural complexion. Genetics determine the complexion, more the melanin more darker is the skin. So please dont overstress yourself thinking all this cause the skin color will vary with age and time. Hope this helps
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Question: How make baby fair
Answer: Hi dear, Baby complexion is decided purely by genes.color of baby keeps changing till one and half year .post that baby gets its original color.theres nothing much that you could do here,as all of it is genetic.and baby is too small to use any home remedies to brighten the color.remember there is no way that you could make your baby fairer.mild skin products are encouraged,no harsh soaps or creams to be used.i used Atogla body lotion and cream,and tedibar soap.all the products are wonderful.la k of chemicals and mild for baby sensitive skin.
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Question: How to make my baby to fair
Answer: Hello dear there is not such a oil, cream and anything available which can make baby complexion fair. Baby complexion completely depend on parents genes. But for your satisfaction you can use this home remedy. Dry masur dal and gried it into the grinder. Add a pinch of turmeric powder. And keep it in a bottle. Your baby bath powder is ready... When u want to use, mix it with water or milk or curd. When use in winter season add a spoon olive oil. But in summer avoid oil.
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Question: how to make baby fair
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. Give baby good oil massage with olive oil or almond oil or any oil. Now wash baby with besan and turmeric mixture, you can also use bath powder instead of besan. It helps to soften skin, moisturise it, remove extra hair and give complexion to the skin. You can follow this twice a week till baby finishes his third year. Later if it's boy you should not continue, if girl you can continue. Take care
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