1 months old baby

Question: How to make baby burp after feeding?

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Answer: Hello ma'am After every feed we should brup the baby , as you change the side like when you switch from right to left or left to right you v to brup in middle. You have to take the baby in your lap and stand and gently pat on the back or rub the back. In standing position only. It results good Take care
Answer: Put the baby on your shoulder and gentle pat/rub his back for 10-15mins or until he burps.
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Question: How to make a baby burp fast?
Answer: stand n Hold baby on your shoulder , Just litly smear his back from up to down.. and while holding baby u got to move slightly sidewise.. left right left right......
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Question: How to burp the baby after feeding?
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. Lift your baby up to your shoulder while supporting his/her head and neck. Pat or rub your baby's back with a firm open hand to help release the trapped air. If you lift him/her higher and let his/her belly rest lightly against your shoulder, this can help press out the air inside. Take care.
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Question: How long to make baby burp?
Answer: Till baby doesn't burp means till d time dat burping spund doesn't come u have to make ur baby burp. Its between 2 mins to 30 mins
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