9 months old baby

Question: How to made kichadi

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Answer: hello dear, to cook homemade Khichdi take one portion of rice and half portion of dal . you can take moong ,masoor and tur dal mixed or any one. Rinse rice and daal properly soak for at least half an hour in water. then take a cooker add one tspoon of ghee, then add 1-2pinches of cumin seeds with one or two bay leaf, then as A Pinch of hing. then add the soaked rice and dal & add little amount of salt n turmeric pwdr. In this Khichdi you can add small amount of vegetables like potato, carrot cut into small pieces. now add two and half portion of water. wait for 3 to 4 whistles. now your Khichdi is ready.
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Question: How to prepare moong dal kichadi
Answer: Hi dear, Moong daal khichidi could have two variations.you could use the daal as it is or can dry roast it and use it.though for babies using the raw daal is easy to digest.you can take 1:2 ratio or 1:1 ratio of daal and rice.wash and soak both daal and rice for 30 minutes.meanwhile cut veggies of your choice like potato,carrot,beans.put all the ingredients in pressure cooker and add 2 cups of water or depends on how much qualities of daal rice you have taken,or how much pureed form you need .cook upto 3 whistles.you donot need to add any salt in baby's food.they get enough sodium naturally through foods and adding salt could put more stress on their kidneys which are still in developing stage.
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Question: How to make kichadi?
Answer: Hi dear put rice dal and an vegetable like potato or carrot boil it very good match it up just put a little bit salt a little bit ghee mix it up and you can give to your baby you should avoid Dal till baby finishers at least eight months children's give only rice and vegetable Khichdi later you can add dal good luck
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Question: How to make carrot kichadi
Answer: Mix water and daal in equal quantities wash them thoroughly then take a pressure cooker add a spoon if ghee and cumin seeds then add the mixture of daal and rice and chopped carrot add water around 1 cup let the whistle come for 3 to 4 times. It's ready serve hot
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