39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to know water is broken?. Is there any colour? How much water will discharge when water is broken?

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Answer: Hello dear The easiest way to determine if it is your water or urine is to put on clean, dry underwear and a pad or panty liner. Then you'll want to lie down for about half an hour. If the fluid is amniotic fluid, it will pool or gather in the vagina while you lie down.
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Question: How to know water is broken ?
Answer: if you feel there is a transparent liquid discharge continuously even after passing urine or is there is a floor of a water discharge it indicates that the water bag has broken
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Question: How can you know when the water sack has broken
Answer: It will be continous flow of water like urine. It cannot be controlled. Also there will be back pain
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Question: How i will get to know that my water bag has been broken ?
Answer: Hi,you will get transparent water leackage or there can be a gush if water breackage.than tou should immedidiately rush to hospital.
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