38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to know male baby

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Answer: Dear I know a being a new mom we get alot of excitement for baby gender but there is no way to predict baby gender. So dont worry just relax and wait till delivery for beautiful surprise..
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Question: My baby male or female how did know
Answer: Hi dear I can understand your curiosity but there is no way to know the gender of baby in womb. So its better to wait till delivery..
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Question: How we know baby is male or female
Answer: It is impossible to know the gender of ur baby by any myth or olden story tales.. ur babys gender can only be seen in an ultrasound and only by ur doctor.. u may need to wait for 15 more weeks to know ur babys gender without any errors.. as the heartbeat, craving and other predictions are completely a myth and has no scientific evidence or proofs.. a healthy baby and safe pregnancy is the most important of all. Male or female, the baby is all urs.. so dont get confused with gender predictions
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Question: How can i know about baby male or female
Answer: Dear please note it is illegal in India to be trying to know the gender of the baby. So it is not right to ask such questions. Also your baby is a God's gift and once you have him or her in ur arms it will be your world. So stop thinking about the gender and get ready to receive the biggest and the most beautiful surprise of your lie. Hope it helps.
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