1 months old baby

Question: How to know baby is hungry or not... Bcoz my sleep continue n awake continue in between i don't know what going on

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Answer: 1. Feed your baby 2nd hourly . 2. Your baby will cry if he or she fell hungry.
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Question: How to know my baby is hungry or not.... And is full or not
Answer: Hi dear, we all have this doubt that if baby's tummy full or not and we sometime try to either force baby to take more or stop before the tummy full. here are few signs I have listed as per my experience with babies: Closing lips. Just as a hungry baby suckles readily, a full baby zips his lips, as if to say, "No more, thanks." Turning his head away. A more forceful version of closing his lips is to move his entire head away from the food source. If your baby turns away from your breast or a bottle, you shouldn't force him to eat. Decreasing or stopping sucking. Some full babies will stay latched on to the nipple but not suck any more—at which point, it's time to gently end the session. Spitting out the nipple or falling asleep when full. After about 15 to 20 minutes of feeding, a full baby will often act drowsy and may even fall asleep. Showing increasing interest in surroundings rather than eating. At around 4 months old many babies begin to get distracted during feedings, as their awareness of the world around them grows. A hungry baby will put this curiosity on hold long enough to feel sated. When he begins looking around more distractedly, it's a sign he's had plenty.
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Question: My breast milk is not enough for my baby. What to do? I dont eat alot bcoz i don't feel hungry. What to do for that?
Answer: Hi.. If u see that u are not able to feed ur baby as u are not getting sufficient milk then u can start giving ur baby formula milk which also contains same nutrients which mother milk have. But it would be good if u breastfeed ur baby till 6 months.
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Question: How to know my baby is hungry or not ?
Answer: Best idea look at the fist of the baby, if closed then hungry and if open then full stomach.
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