14 months old baby

Question: How to growth my baby 10 kg

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Answer: Hi your question has just been answer please have a check .. Thank you!
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Question: my baby weight is 9.2 kg but he didn't growth I need 10 kg
Answer: Hi! 8.2 to 12.4 kg is a normal weight range for a 14 months old baby and if your baby is weighing 9.2 kgs it is absolutely fine and well within the normal weight range and there is nothing to be worried about to increase the weight it is not at all needed, if you are baby is active meeting milestones pee and Poop count is good your baby is feeding well there is no point in forcefully push the food to the baby to just increase the weight, please keep calm and be patient baby will definitely gain its weight but I think more then wait be healthy is what is important .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Baby weight is 2.7 kg ...doctor tld baby growth is lagging 10 to 12 days
Answer: hi yes the baby growth iph lucky you need to be careful about this you need to change your diet modify in and have healthy food which will help to increase the baby's growth and development you should have a high protein rich diet include pulses Soya eggs and chicken in your diet have at least two glasses of milk and protein powder to it and have Milk products vegetables and at least 3 to 4 servings of fruits is very important you should also have cerials oats,whole wheat grain which will help in the growth and development
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Question: My baby 2 month 10 Days.weight 4.605 kg birthweight 2.8 kg is growth ok?
Answer: As per the birth weight the growth of the baby is fine. There is nothing to worry about.
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