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Question: How to feed baby as my baby is 12 days old and she sleeps all time

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Answer: Hello dear new born babies tend to sleep more it is our responsibility to wake them up and feed them . Please feed him atleast every two hours. Make sure he sucks if he sleeps while feeding you can woke hin up but cuddlin near ear and foot.
Answer: Make baby to awake.... Rub on foot to make her awake .... U feed every 3 hrs without fail.. make her to suck more milk.... U keep ur nipples touching her mouth n try to wake her up
Answer: This time baby will sleep always. Wait for 3 hours. If she is not waking after 3-4 hour take her and feed
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Question: My baby sleeps all time she is 17 days old how do I make her feed please help me
Answer: Hi Mommy, at 1 month old, babies still want to feed frequently and are unpredictable with their sleeping patterns. Many are still fairly sleepy and apart from short wakeful periods of feeding and being alert, they sleep for at least a couple of hours between their feeds. Feeding Expect your baby to need to feed at least 6 times/24 hours at 1 month of age. If they are breastfeeding this could increase up to 12 times. Try not to control their feeding times too much and let your baby determine how much and how often they want to feed. Unless they have been unwell or were premature, they will be able to gauge when they need to feed and are satisfied with the volume of milk in their stomach.
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Question: How to improve my baby sleeping time, she is 62 days, she sleeps for 4 hrs
Answer: HI .. Feed your baby well .at least 20 min it helps to sleep better and massge him and then swaddle well. It helps to sleep better
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Question: Mam my baby born on sunday now seven days ovrr if she sleeps she sleeping for more time how can i feed and i know baby is hungery
Answer: Dnt wrryyy dear baby ko bhuk lagegi to apne uth jayegi..
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