19 months old baby

Question: How to do a habbit of banana, milk and fruits for 1 and a half year baby?

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Answer: Hi dear even I had a hard time introducting same to my baby so I started giving banana shakes made of these fruits . And he really like it.u can also try the same
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Question: Fruits for 1 year baby
Answer: Hi dear. By this age you can introduce all types of seasonal fruits to your baby .. however do that one at a time and post a week or ten days introduce slowly the other one.. this helps you u understand if the baby is liking the taste and also if it's digested well etc.. fruits can be had in different forms like mixed chopped fruits with milk or pureed or mashed or even by making them semi boiled so that they are soft and easy to eat..
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Question: How to do habbit of fruits n milk to 1 and a half year baby?
Answer: Hi dear,,..For many parents their kid not drinking milk is one of the first problems they tend to face when trying to inculcate proper eating habits in their child.. It doesn't necessarily have to be milk.start by introducing dairy based food produts to your child and let him develop a taste for those.With yoghurt,cheese and ghee.Not only does he get the nutrition.but he will be more open to trying out milk due to them..
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Question: How to do habbit of fruits of baby's?
Answer: Involve your children in food shopping and preparing meals.. Encourage your children to eat slowly..And most important tip was give 1 piece of fruit along with another kids who are like to eat fruits in playing time..Baby will observes those kids and will deffinately try to eat...
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