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Question: How to control pregnancy

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Answer: Hello dear The safest way to avoid pregnancy after delivery is that u should do intercourse by using precautions such as condom. Condom is the best and safest way to avoid pregnancy and it does not have any side effects also.
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Question: How to control pregnancy sugar ??
Answer: Hi dear, Some of the home remedies for gestational diabetes are as follows: 1 schedule ur diet: Major causes of all forms of diabetes is an irregular eating schedule.Eating small meals every two hours so your body becomes used to regular processing and absorption of nutrients, helping to prevent the peaks of sugar levels. 2 Exercise Regular exercise can help to prevent a lifestyle and unhealthy weight gain. 3 Take High-Fiber Diet Flaxseed and other forms of fiber are easily found in markets . Whole grains are some of the best sources of dietary fiber that will improve your chances of avoiding gestational diabetes. 4 Intake of vitamin D It helps efficient absorption of key vitamins and nutrients, including calcium, iron, magnesium, and phosphate. Ur doctor might have supplemented you with medicines add vitamin D. 5 Add Vitamin C to ur diet strawberries, oranges, broccoli, tomatoes,spinach. 6 Protein This will regulatedigestive process and regulate your metabolism to only release or utilize the necessary amounts of insulin. Protein is also essential for growth and development of ur baby. 7 Whole Food Carbs Pack your own meals and be sure to include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, lentils, oats, quinoa, milk, okra, carrots, peas, and similar food items. Avoid bread, especially white bread, and other empty carbohydrates found in junk food.
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Question: how to control pregnancy sugar
Answer: Here are some important points that you need to follow: 1. All carbohydrate foods turn to glucose when your body digests them. The more carbohydrate you eat at one time, the higher your blood glucose level will rise. Therefore reduce bread, cereals, biscuits, potato, corn and peas, baked beans, lentils. 2. Eating smaller meals and snacks regularly will help keep your glucose levels more stable. You should wait 2.5-3hrs after your meal before you have a snack. 3. Do not skip meals or completely stop carbohydrate foods- this will make you very hungry and you will eat more than you usual so unstable blood glucose levels. 4. Eat more vegetables. Salad and other cooked non-starchy vegetables give you lots of vitamins, minerals and fibre-but very little carbohydrate. Include them at your meals and snacks, or eat them as an extra whenever you are hungry! 5. Protein foods don’t turn into glucose and help you to feel full. You can include protein foods (meat, chicken, fish, seafood, eggs, cheese, nuts + nut butters, seeds and tofu) in sensible amounts at meals and snacks or occasionally as an extra. They will not cause your glucose level to rise. 6. It is important not to gain too much weight in your pregnancy. Eating too much fat makes it easy to gain excess weight. Reduce added fats such as oil, choose low fat dairy products and avoid fried foods. Fat doesn’t directly raise your glucose levels but can make it harder for your insulin to work if you eat high fat foods.
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Question: How to control PCOD problem and how to get pregnancy
Answer: Try much to avoid any medication initially... You need regularise your menstural cycle through good and strict diet and physical activity. Try regular power yoga or aerobics or something of your interest. Make sure you keep your weight in the lower side of normal BMI. Losing 2 kg per month is advisable. Though many people suggest medications that might help, nothing can help you as your physical fitness can...
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