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Question: How to control bleeding in home now

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Answer: If you have bleeding then please consult with doctor immediately
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Question: How to control hypertension in pregnancy naturally at home
Answer: Hi dear if you already had hypertension then you can't help it and you have to take medication for that. But if your BP is normal then you can start doing the breathing exercise and meditation you ever chances of hypertension. Don't take any unnecessary stress. But sometimes hormone level imbalance causes hypertension during pregnancy. In that case you need to take medication. Don't sit in crossef leg position and hanging your legs for longer period of time. Always use a foot rest to keep your legs elevated to avoid hypertension. Take proper 8 hours sleep, eat healthy and nutritious food, and drink adequate amount of water, hope it will help.
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Question: Now I'm 8week pregnant plz suggest how control bleeding
Answer: Dear if you are getting bleeding please consult ur gynae without any delay. Bleeding is not a good sign and should be reported to the doctor immediately. Hope it helps.
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Question: How to control thyroid by home remedies
Answer: Soak sabut dhania overnight and drink the dhania water in morning
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