14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to control anger? I get angry on every small things

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Answer: It used to have lot of mood swing in my pregnancy and I used to get very angry sometimes but then I started to divert my mind towards thing I love to do I started to paint I started to get good books and listen a good music please help me a lot more over I started to meditate 10 minutes in morning which was really very relaxing for me so you can try them as well
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Question: Hello, my son is 7yrs and is very aggressive. He gets angry on very small things. Please suggest some techniques for learning him to control his anger
Answer: Aggressive kids need more time and love.mostbobte time when they are neglected it not given enough attention,become aggressive and don't obey.also they would be hyperactive as well.always engage the child in some creative or physical activities.the energy needs to be utilised.also ,decrease the screen time.if the kid is addicted to TV and mobile,they often are aggressive.
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Question: Anger during pregnancy is common?how can i resolve that?i get frustrated on small things too
Answer: Yeah later it may increase your bp so better avoid anger sty calm watch comedy shows my b it wil hlp
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Question: I am going through severe mood swings can't control my anger on small things too
Answer: It is because of harmonal chages which occur due to pregnancy
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