3 months old baby

Question: How to care summer season

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Question: Hi, how to care baby in summer season??
Answer: Hi dear since it is summer season and your baby is too small just a month old you need to ensure that you give bath to your baby everyday make the baby wear soft cotton clothes which are airy if it's too hot in your place you can use AC around 26 to 27 degree temperature and breast feed the baby frequently so that the baby is hydrated you yourself need to have a lot more water so that you can be hydrated as well because if you are hydrated then your baby will be hydrated too.. Hope this helps!
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Question: How to take care toddler in the summer season
Answer: Keep Baby hydrated  Babies shouldn’t be given water until he is about 6 months old. Giving water to young babies puts them at risk of diarrhoea and malnutrition. Breast milk and formula milk can be given more frequently to keep them hydrated and they can get all the water they need from Breast milk or formula. 2. Avoid the Scorching Sun To keep babies safe from heat rash or heat stroke avoid going out in the sun from 11 am to 4 pm. Babies skin tend to burn faster than adults, so it best to keep baby indoors during the peak sun.   3. Appropriate clothing  Do not use layers of clothes during summer as it will make baby hot. A cotton shorts and cotton dresses will make babies comfortable and better to avoid synthetic fabrics. Do not use any synthetic clothes for baby during summer season. The clothes should be a little loose to make air flow easier. For new born just wrap him in light muslin or cotton wraps no heavy blanket. 4. Baby Massage during Summer Massaging baby before bath is always good, but you have to keep a few things in mind during summer season. Coconut oil is preferred for baby massage. Coconut oil provides cooling effect on body as it’s lighter in texture and easily absorbs into the skin. Sesame oil or almond oil can also be considered. Avoid mustard oil during summer as it has warming properties. Taking Care of  Babies and Toddlers during Summer 1. Right Food for babies )above 6 monthstoddlers during summer months For toddlers and babies above 6 months we can give them fruit yogurt, smoothies, and tender coconut water to keep them cool. Other than that Cucumber, berries, mango also keeps toddlers hydrated. Include lots of vegetables in the form of salad and avoid giving fried food or chips or road side food items. While going outside its encouraged to carry a bottle of water containing glucose and avoid giving packaged fruit juices. Instead, give homemade juices and drinks at regular intervals to keep them cool and hydrated. 2. Avoid outdoor play during peak sun time It’s good not to take toddlers to the playground from morning 10 till 4 o’clock. In case of emergency travelling put sun shades in the car. Sunscreen can be applied to toddlers (above 6 months). Whenever, you choose a sunscreen check that it is appropriate for the age-group. 3. Clothing for Toddlers during Summer  Light coloured clothes and cotton fabric is preferred during hot summer. Onesie is best suited during the day for indoors. Stay away from synthetic clothes even if there is a function or party. Loose fitting cotton clothes should be the way to go during summer.   4.  Diaper rash  In summer diaper rash is very common in toddlers, so cloth nappies can used instead of Diapers during day or if not travelling. Wash off bottom with luke warm water frequently and apply diaper rash cream or petroleum jelly to prevent diaper rash. You may even apply a very thin layer of coconut oil. Give a lot of air time to allow for the skin to breathe and recover from rashes in any.   5. Pool time for toddlers and kids Water play is generally fun for toddlers and kids and what can be the best time to keep them entertained either in pool or in bath tubs other than summer. At home you can make bath time enjoyable for kids in their bath tubs by providing them bath toys and bathing books which are waterproof.  Splish-splash-splosh and a cranky toddler will soon be happy after a bubble bath. If planning to take kids on a pool, please be well equipped with all necessary items such as sun screen, re-useable swimming nappies or disposable swimming nappies, hats, swim trunks or swim suits, Swim ear plugs to prevent middle ear infection, UV blocking sunglasses and a water bottle. Do not leave toddlers or kids unattended either in a bathtub or in pool. As parents, we should be aware of pool safety guidelines for better protection of our kids.   6. Beware of Bugs and Mosquitoes during Summer It’s important to stay away from mosquitoes and bug bites this summer.  Wearing light coloured clothing is one of the ways to keep mosquitoes at bay. Using mosquito repellents can provide relief too if not allergic to it. So we need to keep our surrounding clean and hygienic to prevent bugs or mosquitoes to breed.
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Question: My baby 2months hold how care summer season time
Answer: Hi dear sincere baby is only 2 months old there is not much of a cat that the baby needs baby should sleep play for sometime and feed your milk that's the work that your baby has now at 2 months of age as far as the deer is concerned during summer please do not stop bathing the baby, bathing on a daily basis is very important so that their body temperature is normal, balanced do not apply unnecessary soap or powder since it's summer there will be a lot of people who will ask you to apply powder on the baby to reduce sweat but it is not required at all, keep the baby clean . Hope this helps!
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