6 months old baby

Question: How to care baby eyes

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Answer: how you should take a soft napkin you should be put in the water and wife with does on the babies eyes I do not put anything inside the babies eyes to clean the eyes
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Question: How to care a baby
Answer: Hi ma'am this is summer we should take care for babies more give more water and also water based food items fresh juices that helps to keep baby's body temperature hydrated and cool and also please make babies to wear cotton and loose clothes keep them fresh and clean don't allow them in sunlight during daytime that my coarse very tired and it will make babies dehydrated give more fruits and vegetables that helps baby to avoid getting constipation problem make babies to drink plenty of water that made things to be followed during summer
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Question: how to tk care of newborn baby
Answer: Feed breastmilk in every 2 hours, massage with coconut oil daily.put coconut oil on scalp too. , swadle the baby if needed, make baby sleep as much as possible, bath occasionally..or once in 2-3 days with proper headwash. use mild baby wash and shampoo. don't use any thing on face. do proper care of diaper area.clean genitals.
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Question: How to Care my baby
Answer: Hello.. Dear please ask your query even more clear, so that we can help you
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